Monteluz - Pisco Monteluz - Pisco Mosto Verde Pentavarietal

Monteluz - Pisco Monteluz - Pisco Mosto Verde Pentavarietal

Pisco Monteluz: small award-winning distillery in Lima dedicated to making great pisco. To order a bottle of our Pisco Mosto Verde Pentavarietal, or to read our essays on making and drinking pisco, visit

About Monteluz


Monteluz is dedicated to the creation of a truly exceptional pisco that expresses the spirit of Peru: a spirit of fusion between European savoir-faire and the richness and abundance of Peruvian terroir

Pisco itself owes its existence to this fusion: Spanish and French winegrowers introduced the grape and the still to Peru in the 17th century, and experimented with different grape varietals' response to the soil around Ica to arrive at the pisco we recognise today.

Our motto is "Plus Ultra": further beyond. This philosophy is not only recognised in the effort we put into our pisco, but also in the historical period that inspired us to make it: the Enlightenment, the period of great change and evolution that straddled the 17th and 18th centuries. 

This is the period whose architectural style is most recognisable when walking through the centre of Lima, where the wealthiest noblemen and merchants built their baroque palaces. From their style, it will not suprise you that in the hispanic world, this period is sometimes called afrancesado, highlighting France's influence in the arts, in design, music and philosophy, as well as in culinary and viticultural science.

Three centuries later, Monteluz revives pisco's historic heritage, adds the most modern viticultural techniques to this delightful brandy and takes it further beyond: nocturnal grape-picking, strict control of transport to prevent early fermentation, low-temperature grapes selection, and an assemblage designed for intensity, fragrance and elegance.

We hope you will enjoy drinking our pisco with the same mindset you might enjoy looking at a painting by Caravaggio, or listening to a composition by Marin Marais.